Saturday, April 14, 2012

winter semester! =]

wow... i haven't written in forever. this semester was amazing. i truly couldn't have asked for better roomates. they were honestly so so so much fun. i'venever had roomates that were so similar to me. it was great to not be the loudest one in the apartment for once! i'll honestly miss them. we had some great times and i'm so grateful for them.

we had the greatest fhe brothers, and i'm sure gonna miss those guys. the most entertaining group of fellas i've met in a while, that's for sure.
nursing is awesome! the semester was easier than i thought it would be, but i know that next semester is ALREADY kicking my trash. i'm honestly petrified, and my heart beats super fast when i start to think about it. i'm so excited, though. so much to learn! the more i learn about the body, the more i love it and find out that i have so much more to learn. i'm happy to say that i think that i'm holding my own okay.

i got a job as a medical receptionist at the student health center, and i work every day. iabsolutely love my job, and i'm starting to get the hang of things. i'm so grateful that things worked out so perfectly! i couldn't have picked a better job if i had hand-picked one myself.

my 21st birthday was this semester, and i received the best present ever- my mom flew in from california. we got to drive to slc together and spend timewith my best friend and godmother.we saw the hunger games at midnight. i got to have a pretty tight birthday bash with all my friends. we got cream soda and root beer in bottles for the ambiance. mom brought a lovelycake, and we played games, and it was awesome. mom got to stay around for a few days and we got to shop and eat thai and go to the movies. it was quite delightful, and i loved having her here!

this break was pretty fun. i got to spend some quality time with my godmother in slc and i went on quite the backpacking adventure with some friends. while trying to get to our originallyplanned trailhead, everything went wrong. from closed roads to car problems, not much of that compared to us getting caught camping in a blizzard. it was the coldest night of my life. it's not often that you wake up outside and it looks like christmas. so we got the heck out of there, and the next day, after bouncing around to ranger stations to multiple stations, we were recommended the kanerra canyon trail. it was SUPER awesome! with the exception of the fact that within the first ten minutes i fell on my face, banged up my chin, and loosened the bottom four teeth and was bleeding out of my chin looks disgusting and i still have a killer headache, but it was worth it! haha. the hike was pretty intense (for me, at least) but so beautiful. we hiked on the sides of the canyon for a couple of hours and setup camp. the trail was very narrow in some places, and one slip could send you down the side of the canyon. we discovered this beautifulllll slot canyon that we had to hike through with bare feet in a creek with bone-chilling numbing water. it was one of the most beautiful scenic places i've ever been in my life. you truly feel closer to your creator submerged in nature. maybe it's because i was praying literally every other minute to not die. it was quite the adventure. i'm probably more sore than i've ever been in my life, but i'm really proud that i stepped so far out of my comfort zone. i definitely can't wait to do something like that again. maybe not for a few weeks. or months =]
anyways, it's been an awesome semester. i've learned a lot about myself. i'm going through this really weird rut right now, and i'm not quite sure how to get out of it. but i'll figure it out. i look forward to improving myself, and hope that i can receive some divine intervention to help me out! i can't wait for all of the good times ahead! =]

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  1. Oh wow! I had no idea it got that hairy-scary! How's your chin?? Gonna survive? ;-/
    I sure LOVED being with you!!!
    love, Rochelle